THE JOURNEY - viaggio nella terra dei draghi

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- The following table lists all products in the cart and the total amount of your order.

- The maximum quantity of DVDs purchased for order is n. 20.

Shipments with:

Poste Italiane

Italian Post -


Raccomandata 1 (Shared 1) is delivered to the consignee or his delegate within one working day following the date of shipment. The customer will receive a rest, as better specified in the general conditions of contract, which the reader if, with respect to the first delivery attempt, the delivery is made ​​after the 2nd working days after shipment. If absence is agreed and planned a second delivery charge. The postman left a notice in the mailbox are given details of the sender and the telephone number to call to arrange a second delivery or require the removal from the post office directly. If the second attempt delivery the recipient is absent, you pick up your shipment at the post office indicated on notice left by the postman.


Artoni -


Delivery will be made by the courier throughout Italy within 6 working days from receipt of goods. The Courier will always call in advance of delivery. If you can not find the person receiving the goods at the time of delivery, leave a notice with which the recipient is asked to contact the customer service of the Courier to make arrangements. The expedition will remain in storage at the warehouses of the Courier for 5 working days, after which, in the absence of provisions by the recipient, will be returned to sender. He warns that any expenditure of stock will be calculated charged to the customer, the customer has no obligation to withdraw immediately after delivery. Delivery is made ​​to the house facing the road indicated on the registration form. It is therefore not scheduled for delivery to the plan. Any such agreement will be made ​​directly with the courier at the time of the appointment Artoni (phone call).

- Important, please report the exact shipping choice for the calculation of the Total Price.

- Choose the shipment and payment mode you prefer, then click on the 'Next' button to go next.

- At the end of the order will be 'can pay (PayPal™ or Bank Transfer).

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