THE JOURNEY - viaggio nella terra dei draghi

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THE JOURNEY | The Series

The Series

The project began many years ago as a film documentary, a way for Grand Master Cangelosi to reveal to the outside world martial arts in it's entirety.
The series is divided into
five parts and contains all the aspects including, meditation, medicine, alchemy, personal defence and all of the aspects that permit many martial arts to be defined as philosophy. Each episode focuses on a different aspect which is then studied in depth as the series goes on.
Each episode also contains a mini ficion together with rare local footage.

The project took
over four years to complete and involved over 250 people to shoot the scenes. The mini series which is included in every episode was shot in order to show the varoius themes involved and also the many interviews with other Grand Master's, doctor's, varoius champions and spiritual leader's who's mission it is to pass on the asian religious doctrine.
All the variuos aspects in the five episodes are brought together through the autobiography of Grand Master Cangelosi as we join him on his journey through the orient.

"The Journey" is infact a journey, a voyage from west to east, to uncover the oriental disiplines in the land of the Dragons.

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